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2 Febuary Meeting of the Streatham Graphic Novel Readers Group

Our next meeting we will be meeting in one of Streatham Library's meeting rooms on Monday this 2 Febuary. So just pop in to Streatham Library on the day and ask at the library staff desk which meeting room we are meeting in..

Everyone is welcome. Following the Charlie Hebdo tragedy the topic of the meeting will be political cartoons, caricatures, satire and freedom of speech

Oh and if you're late we reconvene at about 20:00 in the Holland & Tringham pub just down the road :)

Streatham Library
63 Streatham High Road
London SW16 1PL
After Meeting drink:
Holland and Tringham
107-109 StreathamHigh Road
London SW16 1HJ
Printable Map Printable Map

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